Seashell toilet

A seashell toilet costing 3500 coins

Toilets are essential in Restaurant City level 8 and up. There is a theory that toilets raise your popularity but this has proven to be false. Some work faster, such as the Hover Loo. Sinks are for washing customers' hands but they are not essential to raising popularity and customers' will give you thumbs up with or without a sink. Toilets will break after 4 uses, unless stated. Janitors can fix them although you can do it manually. It is impossible to sort toilets by gender, though there are Male and Female signs.

Toilets and Sinks Edit

Toilets are usually released once a week or month. Sinks usually have no updates. There are many types of toilets such as the Broken Toilet which costs 600 coins, Spring Toilet which costs 800 coins, White Toilet and Pink Toilet are 1,000 coins, Red Toilet which is costed 1,200 coins, Mint Marble Toilet which is 8,000 coins and the unbroken Ice Toilet which is 10,000 coins price.

Most toilets, except some limited edition toilets, Mint Marble Toilet and Ice Toilet breaks every 4 uses. Sinks don't break.

During certain holidays some limited edition toilets are available.

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