Name Sugar
Rarity 5
Number needed 770
Date of release April 28, 2009

Sugar is an ingredient. Its rarity is rated 5 out of 5 in the game. It was released on April 28, 2009.


As any ingredient, it is used for unlocking and improving recipes. It is required in the following recipes:

Course Recipe
Starter Biscotti
Starter Carolina Hush Puppies
Starter Santa's Hat of Treats
Main Duck a L'Orange
Main Gingerbread House
Main Memphis Ribs
Main Sweet and Sour Pork
Main Texas Barbequed Brisket
Dessert 10 Pin Apple Pie
Dessert Almond Brain Pudding
Dessert Apple Crumble
Dessert Apple Pie
Dessert Apple Tartin
Dessert Bakewell Tart
Dessert Beignets
Dessert Black Forest Cake
Dessert Bundt Cake
Dessert Candy Mountain
Dessert Carrot Cake
Dessert Chocolate Mousse
Dessert Creme Brulee
Dessert Deathly Marshmallows
Dessert Donuts
Dessert Dragonfruit Jelly
Dessert Eat Me
Dessert Festive Pudding
Dessert French Macaroons
Dessert Green Tea Icecream
Dessert Halloween Treats
Dessert Kanafeh
Dessert Kiwi Sorbet
Dessert Lemon Posset
Dessert Mega Fruit Sorbet
Dessert Mexican Flan
Dessert Millionaire Shortbread
Dessert Moon Cheese Cake
Dessert Pineapple Cubes (x2)
Dessert Pineapple Icecream
Dessert Princely Fruit Confit
Dessert Pumpkin Pie
Dessert Rocky Road Cake
Dessert Sakura Mochi
Dessert Slice of Happiness
Dessert Snowman
Dessert Space Age Jelly
Dessert Strawberry Cake
Dessert Stroopwafel
Dessert Sugar Rush
Dessert Sweet Rice Cake
Dessert Tartufo
Dessert Toasted Marshmallows (x3)
Dessert Turkish Delight (x2)
Dessert Vanilla Panna Cotta
Dessert Yule Log
Drink Berry Scary Juice
Drink Brain Drain
Drink Bubble Tea
Drink Cafe Viennois
Drink Coffee
Drink Drink Me
Drink Exotic Dark Hot Chocolate
Drink Ginger Beer Float
Drink Kiwi Twist
Drink Lemon-Limeade
Drink Mint Breeze
Drink Mint Julep
Drink New Year's Surprise
Drink Resolut Cocoa
Drink Rocket Fuel
Drink Singapore Fling
Drink Strawberry Heaven
Drink Tea
Drink Witch's Brew

Thus, to complete all ten levels of all recipes, one needs 770 specimens of this ingredient.

Additional Information

Unknown plant 1

Planted sugar

See also

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