You can rate restaurants belonging to strangers, and have your own restaurants rated by strangers. Your restaurant's rating is visible below your Gourmet Points bar. Other restaurants' ratings are visible in the upper corner of the interior of the restaurant, or above their restaurant's facade on the street level.If your restaurant is rated high, you may have a chance of being presented on the gourmet street.



Street-Level Icons


Join the Rating Guide

In order to join the Restaurant City Rating Guide, you must be on the street, not the interior of the restaurant. Go to a Random Street (the icon of blue silhouettes), then click on the hand holding the clipboard to join the Guide.

Once you have joined the Guide, you can rate others' restaurants. However, you cannot rate your own or the restaurants of your friends; you can only rate strangers on Random Street



The rating window with Okay selected

Ratings come in one to five stars:



There are three awards associated with rating others' restaurants, depicted by a star on a pedestal:

  • Estate Agent
    • Rate 100 restaurants
  • Evaluation Expert
    • Rate 1000 restaurants
  • Restaurant Critic
    • Rate 10000 restaurants
 Note that there are no rewards for being rated highly by others, other than getting onto the Gourmet Street if you're lucky.

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