The Outside Expansions were released on December 1, 2009. These expansions are unlocked at reaching certain gourmet levels. They can be purchased by clicking on the grass at the left side of the restaurant, where a sign is placed. Purchased expansions have darker green grass. Players can then place interior items there, which includes some items that are exclusive to the expansion from the Outdoor Only interior category.

Note that purchasing the expansion means that you effectively tore down the wall between the expansion and your restaurant. Customers will treat it as an entry point (see first image below) unless you somehow close off the spaces. In the second image, hedges were used to close off the space between the restaurant and the expansion. Any item that customers cannot walk through or between (for instance, customers can walk between chairs) may be used to close the expansion.

Alternately, items can be placed along the sidewalk and gain the same effect without closing the restaurant off entirely from the expansion. This allows customers inside the restaurant access to the expansion, but does not allow customers to come in through the expansion.

Note: Customers who walk into the outdoor space, but cannot access the restaurant due to the blockade, will leave with a thumbs down, thus actually making you lose .1 popularity per customer that is blocked.

The following table lists the levels at which outdoor expansions unlock, what size the expansion is, and how much the expansion costs. At one time there was a half price sale from February 23rd, 2010, to March 1st, 2010. There is another half price sale right now.

Level Size Cost
Level 10 6x6 squares 5,000 coins
Level 15 8x8 15,000 coins
Level 20 10x10 32,000 coins
Level 25 12x12 70,000 coins
Level 30 14x14 165,000 coins
Level 40 16x16 310,000 coins
Level 50 18x18 550,000 coins

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