A dish gains levels as the player gathers specific ingredients to increase its quality. Dishes are what the customer eats to give you coins and Gourmet Points, to advance your restaurant. Except for the beginner dishes and special offer dishes, every dish starts at level 0. A dish must be Level 1 before it can be served in your restaurant.

Beginner dishes are given to you for free when starting out in Restaurant City; you automatically get level 1 in Tomato and Basil Soup (starter/appetizer), Burger and Fries (main dish), and Fruit Selection (dessert). When you hit level 9, you gain the ability to serve drinks and you automatically get level 1 in Glass of Water.

Special offer dishes start at level 1, which allows them to be served immediately in your restaurant. An example is Carrot Cake, when it was available as a "Fan Freebie" through the Restaurant City Facebook fan page. (Confusingly, Carrot Cake is also available through the Gourmet King at level 0.)


Leveling up dishes changes two things about the dish:

The plates on which a dish is served are replaced by another with a more attractive appearance each time a dish increases in level. This is a cosmetic change only and does not affect your restaurant.

Higher level dishes will get extra gourmet points when they are cleared. The increment is an additional 0.3 gourmet points for each level. For example, a Level 1 dish will get 2.5 gourmet point, a Level 2 dish will get 2.8 gourmet points (1 plus 0.3 gourmet points), and so on. A dish with the maximum level (Level 10) will get 5.5 gourmet points.

Note that leveling dishes does not increase the cost of the dish. Cleared dishes always award two coins, regardless of level.

Each recipe that is started grants you 250 gourmet points. Free recipes do not grant any bonus. Each consecutive recipe level awards higher points (See table below).

Leveling UpEdit

Each level of a dish has a specific prefix and plate appearance, with the exception of Level 0 dishes:

Dish Level Title Appearance GP Earned Per Customer GP Earned When Leveled Up
1 Simple Cracked gray plate 2.5 250
2 Standard Off-white plate 2.8 500
3 Classic Off-white plate with blue and pink dots 3.1 1000
4 Tasty Off-white plate with green rim 3.4 2000
5 Delicious White plate with blue rim 3.7 3000
6 Luxurious White plate with black rim 4.0 4000
7 Gourmet White plate with gray ring near rim 4.3 5000
8 Sensational White plate with gold ring near rim 4.6 6000
9 Ultimate Silver rimmed plate 4.9 7000
10 Royal Gold rimmed plate 5.5 8000


There are three awards associated with leveling dishes, depicted by a spatula and spoon on a plaque:

Classy Cook
Get 1 dishes to level 10
Culinary Artist
Get 5 dishes to level 10
Gourmet Chef
Get 20 dishes to level 10

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