The interior of the restaurant is where cooking, cleaning, game playing, and serving the customers take place.

There are 11 categories of interior decorations: Chair, Table, Door, Wall Decoration, Decoration (placed on the ground), Floor Tile, Wallpaper, Functional, Garden, Kitchen Appliance, and Award.


The number of tables and chairs limits how many customers you can serve at a time. Note that only one chair per table accommodates a paying customer. Other chairs may be placed anywhere in the restaurant as 'waiting chairs', in which the customers will sit and wait for a table to open up, though not for long.

Functional items include arcade games, decorations that attract special customers, decorations that give various bonuses, toilets, sinks, and music players. Stoves and drink dispensers are both found under the Kitchen Appliance category.

There are also purely-decorative items to place in your interior, including a large selection of windows, doors, flooring, and wallpaper.

The size of the interior can be increased by reaching higher levels.


There are three awards associated with buying interior items, depicted by a chair on a pedestal:

Buy 10 interior items
Feng Shui Expert
Buy 500 interior items
Interior Designer
Buy 2000 interior items

There are three awards associated with gifting items, depicted by a present on a pedestal:

Charitable Chum
Gift 50 items
Generous Gifter
Gift 500 items
Santa Claus
Gift 5000 items


The exterior of the restaurant has no bearing on the interior. The exterior can be larger or smaller than the interior, and doors and windows do not need to be in the same places.

There are few themes for your creativity to spark on how to create the perfect Restaurant City.

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