Gourmet StreetEdit

Goumet Street is the street where the top 50 restaurants in the game are located. To be in Gourmet Street you must have over 20 votes with high ratings. The lowest rating you can be and be on Gourmet Street currently is 3.04. Currently in 1st place is Elsa with an average rating of 4.25. Gourmet King may be found on the street.

Top 10 Restaurants
Name Level Average Rating
Elsa 88 4.25
Jakin 90 4.14
Anna 90 4.14
Mellin 90 4.13
Garfield 90 4.12
Henry 90 4.09
Ming-Wei 90 4.04
Celina 90 4.03
Victor 90 4.00

Anya (name of resteraunt cause i can't type Chinese)

90 3.88

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