Name Flour
Rarity 5
Number needed 670
Date of release April 28, 2009

Flour is an ingredient. Its rarity is rated 5 out of 5 in the game. It was released on April 28, 2009.


As any ingredient, it is used for unlocking and improving recipes. It is required in the following recipes:

Course Recipe
Starter Bavarian Platter
Starter Biscotti
Starter Corndogs
Starter Coxinha
Starter Crispy Aromatic Duck Pancake
Starter Deep Fried Pickles
Starter Dimsum
Starter Falafel
Starter Giant Pretzel
Starter Lamb Samosas
Starter Tiropita
Starter Tomato and Onion Tart
Starter Tostadas
Starter Tuna Fishcakes
Main Big Beef Burrito
Main Chili Dog
Main Doner Kebab
Main Gingerbread House
Main Margarita Pizza
Main Moon Cheese and Crackers
Main Pastel
Main Pizza Capricciosa
Main Pizza Florentine
Main Pizza Marinara
Main Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi
Main Steak and Cheese Pie
Dessert 10 Pin Apple Pie
Dessert 2010 Cake
Dessert Almond Croissant
Dessert Apple Crumble
Dessert Apple Pie
Dessert Apple Tartin
Dessert Baklava
Dessert Banana Fritter
Dessert Beignets
Dessert Brioche aux Praline
Dessert Bundt Cake
Dessert Carrot Cake
Dessert Chocolate Cake with Icecream
Dessert Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dessert Chocolate Crepe
Dessert Cinnamon Swirl
Dessert Deathly Marshmallows
Dessert Donuts
Dessert Dutch Apple Berry Pie
Dessert Festive Pudding
Dessert French Macaroons
Dessert Halloween Treats
Dessert Independence Cake
Dessert Kanafeh
Dessert Lamingtons
Dessert Millionaire Shortbread
Dessert Mince Pie
Dessert Orange Brownie
Dessert Pancakes
Dessert Pumpkin Pie
Dessert Rainbow Cake
Dessert Red Velvet Cake
Dessert Strawberry Cake
Dessert Strawberry Cheese Cake
Dessert Strawberry Romance
Dessert Stroopwafel
Dessert Tang Yuan (x2)
Dessert Tea Cakes Selection
Dessert Tres Leches
Dessert Yule Log

Thus, to complete all ten levels of all recipes, one needs 670 specimens of this ingredient.

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