Lost Crate in Friend's Restaurant


Lost Crate in Friend's Restaurant


Crate Message After Clicking on a Crate


Facebook Post for Crate Whited out for privacy

A Crate is something that can be found upon visiting your friend's Restaurant. To find one, You click on one of your neighbor's pictures that has the Crate Icon on it (Which will guarrantee you a crate) and upon entering, you will find the crate, Upon clicking it, You will have the choice to post the crate to your friend's Facebook Wall, If they open the crate, There is a possible chance you will get one of the two ingredients. There is a possible chance that you can find a crate if you do one of the following.
  • Get Rid of Skunks
  • Put Out a Fire
  • Plug Leaks
  • Destroy Mushrooms taking over a Garden
  • Get Rid of Penguins
  • Get Rid of a Sleeping Bear

Finding A Lost Crate MessageEdit

So & So Lost a Crate! Can you help them find it?

Additional InformationEdit

Just because your friend opens the crate you sent them doesn't guarrantee you an ingredient, When they open the crate, They can easily just hit Reject and not share an ingredient with you.

Crate Icon upon Neighbor Picture

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