Name Cherry
Rarity 5
Number needed 190
Date of release June 14, 2010

A cherry is an ingredient. Its rarity is rated 5 out of 5 in the game. It was released on June 14, 2010.


As any ingredient, it is used for unlocking and improving recipes. It is required in the following recipes:

Course Recipe
Dessert Almond Brain Pudding
Dessert Black Forest Cake
Drink Blackberry and Raspberry Domes
Dessert Bundt Cake
Dessert Deluxe Sundae
Dessert New Beginning
Dessert Princely Fruit Confit
Dessert Space Age Jelly
Dessert Summer Pudding
Drink Berry Scary Juice
Drink Blood Orange Juice
Drink Cherry Crazy (x2)
Drink Coco Colada
Drink Mango Tango
Drink New Year's Surprise
Drink Rainbow Lollipop
Drink Tropical Sunrise
Drink Unicorn Tears

Thus, to complete all ten levels of all recipes, one needs 190 specimens of this ingredient.

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