Challenges is a feature released in the game in October 2010 for Halloween. It consist in time limited quests whose achievement is rewarded with prizes including ingredients and items.

The list of current challenges can be accessed either via the cup icon in the bottom menu bar or via challenge-related icons in the upper left part of the screen.

The harder the challenge is, the more (or more expensive if the prize is coins) the prizes!

Challenge categories Edit

  • Retro Furistic Challenge - 4/10/2011
  • Ghoul Clicking Game
  • Present Hunt
  • Elf Service
  • Deer Oh Deer
  • Donut Challenge
  • Chineese New Year Challenge
  • Be My Sweetheart
  • Euro Challenge
  • Euro Trip Souvenirs!
  • Pets Challenge
  • Spring Challenges
  • Geek Chic Challenges
  • Retro Games Challenges
  • Spa Challenges
  • Eco Hero Challenges
  • Cooking School Challenges
  • College Campus Challenges
  • Shopping Spree Challenges
  • Bounty® Challenges
  • Ancient Greece Challenges
  • Greek Getaway Challenges
  • Stars and Stripes Challenges
  • Southern Charms Challenges
  • Texan Saloon Challenges
  • Wizard Returns Challenges
  • Brazilian BBQ Challenges
  • Jungle Swing Challenges
  • Outback Challenges
  • Steak Master Adventure Challenges
  • Swiss Holiday Challenges (part 2 of Holiday Challenge Set)
  • Twisted Holiday Challenges (part 1 of Holiday Challenge Set)
  • New Year 2012 Challenges
  • Pirate Challenges

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